Faith Over Fear

Heavenly Father, it’s that time right?

When I need to stop running away from my destiny,

I don’t know why I do it, when you’ve been so good to me

It’s that time to live in my purpose and be free.


All the negatives thoughts constantly running through my head,

You can’t do this, you can’t do that, it should be someone else instead.

I’ve got all these dreams and goals I know you want me to pursue,

If I have trust and faith, then it’s time to let go and be true.


Oh Lord I know you have something that is far much greater,

Uniquely gifted to me, by You my creator.

Making a difference for the world to see,

Why would I want to get in the way of my own destiny?


You tell me, my child I want you to make a difference stop holding back,

I’ve given you the gifts, don’t you trust me to keep you on track?

I’m sorry Lord I know I should do better,

Be the person I was destined to be and get myself together   


No longer living in disobedience, paralysed by fear,

No more being afraid of the unknown, when I know you are near.

Instead, I need to live in confidence, knowing who YOU are,

Peace in my heart, waiting to shine your bright star.


If anything, 2020 taught us that life is precious and short,

Time isn’t to be wasted; I need to get rid of those thoughts.

I’m not going to let fear get in the way of my destiny,

Not Lord when you’ve been so, so good to me.


Making sure I’m checking in with you every single day,

To keep me on the straight and narrow, so I don’t go astray.

Not letting fear, my inner thoughts, telling me I’m not good enough,

It’s an everyday struggle, mental rollercoaster, yeah it’s tough.


Thankful that you’ve never given up on me,

My biggest cheerleader to fulfil my destiny.

You are always wanting the best for me,

Thank you Father, for my God given ministry.


I’m ready Lord to bring light to your wonderful name,

Smiling inside, knowing life will never be the same.

Heavenly Father continue to use me for your glory,

A testimony, a remarkable and never-ending story.

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